Rod Tschiggfrie

Rod Tschiggfrie, also known as XRod of XCELEROD, is a racing trail blazer. Whether boats, cars, hot rods or otherwise, if it has a motor, Rod will go the distance to make sure it goes the distance—just really, really fast.

A wearer of many hats, Rod’s multi-faceted businesses are based among the cornfields of Iowa—yes, Iowa—and include a family-based excavating company, a land development and manufactured-housing community, and a heavy-duty truck sales and manufacturing company, but it’s actually his wife, daughter, and step son that drive him. Oh, and if there’s something that’s going to move you, he wants a piece of it, noting that his innovative techniques are “going to move you like you’ve never been moved before.”

His first speed vehicle of note, the Sorcerer, came out of his company RaceCrafters Precision Innovation. This incredible 40’ Skater super boat speaks for itself. A beauty inside and out, the Sorcerer includes an electronic engine model 2000e and a shiftable clutch with crash box, closed cooling systems, various exhaust systems, muffler designs and much, much more!

RaceCrafters Inc., which incorporated in 1994, spawned XCELEROD in 2016. One picks up where the other one leaves off, specializing in MoTeC Engine Management and Data Acquisition Systems to push the limits, giving the end user the ultimate flexibility while retaining the highest level of efficiency and reliability.

The Sorcerer continues to bewitch waterways on the Mississippi, the Florida coast, Arizona, and even Canada, with Rod now turning his efforts to pavement. The Sorceress is set to break the 300 mile mark, making it the fastest fuel-flex street car ever.

What’s next? Stay tuned and don’t blink, ‘cause with this ground breaker you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Don Speer

Don Speer, Chassis Concepts and Fabrication, Inc., starting drag racing in 1973 and has accumulated a conservative estimate of somewhere between 300-350 race wins…and counting (although not really counting, as he says you just lose track when at the track). He states confidently before the Sorceress takes even taken her first NHRA run that she’ll top 300 mph.

Speer built his first car in 1973 while he was still in high school. This hobbyist turned his passion into his business in 1992, building chassis for a very select clientele. From funny cars to jet cars to drag bikes, just how well has he done in the racing world? Leaving aside the pro categories, Speer has won every category contested at the Cordova World Series. He also was the 1985 NHRA Division 3 champion in Pro Bike.

He’s worked with both Diamond Jim and Chris Foster on their Funny Cars and several others of note, but what really gets Speer’s motor going is sharing his knowledge. With each turn of his wrench, he explains why he’s doing what he’s doing, how it all works, and most importantly, how fast it’s gonna go.

Mike Spitzer

Mike Spitzer, Spitzer Enterprises, combines contemporary technology with award-winning craftsmanship to produce the finest in cars and car components.

Mike has been a certified gear head since he was 12. He attended the first NHRA Nationals that was held in Indianapolis in 1961, and he dreamed about some day owning a racing team and participating at Indy. Ultimately, the dream came true.

With a 30,000 square foot shop in Greenfield, Indiana, Mike is an industry leader. The products manufactured in the composites shop range from complete bodies down to nose pieces, air scoops, wings, and ducts. You’ll find components for IndyCars, boats, and Bonnevilles being produced at Spitzer Composites, as well. The shop’s processes include vacuum bagging, oven curing, pre-preg carbon fiber and autoclave curing.

Over the years a number of specialized street vehicles have come out of the Spitzer Enterprises shop, and the demand has increased to the point where Spitzer Concepts was created for this side of the business.

Numerous accolades have been bestowed upon Mike and the company, with his customers winning awards ranging from multiple “Best Engineered Car” and “Best Appearing Car” to several “Sportsman Chassis Builder of the Year” from Car Craft magazine’s fabled All-Star Team. The company has often been named NHRA Division III’s “Best Supporting Manufacturer” with Mike himself named “Person of the Year” in 2007. His life-long contributions to the sport also earned Mike a spot in the NHRA National Hot Rod Reunion Hall of Fame.

Shane Tecklenburg

Shane Tecklenburg, also known as Shane T of ST Consulting, is a MoTeC tuner and engine management systems expert specializing in design, tuning, calibration and installation of MoTeC engine management and data acquisition systems on all forms of motorsport and pleasure craft. Cars, boats, personal watercraft, racing, or street—Shane has done it all.

From Pacific Street Car Association 2003/2004/2005/2007 Pro Street Champion Ed Thornton to NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle 2004, 2005, 2006 Champions VH Motorsports and everything in between.

Shane is one of 3 MoTeC Factory-Trained engine tuners available in the United States and one of 10 in the world. Shane’s tuning expertise stretches across the Pacific and around the globe. Top teams in all forms of Motorsport including NHRA, Grand Am, IMSA, NDRA, PSCA, NMCA,WCHRA, WCOPMA, ADRL, BDRC, APBA, SCORE, SCTA, BNI, and even ANDRA and the Arabian Drag Racing League elicit Shane’s expertise.

He has consulted with organizations such as XCELEROD, Titan Motorsports, Dinan Engineering, Twins Turbo Motorsports, Spirit of Daytona Racing, JT Designs, Super Viper Systems, Next Level Racing, Southard Motorsports, V&H Motorsports, Prototype Technology Group, GP Motorsports, Sigal Sport, Harley Davidson, EK Kanoo Racing (Bahrain), Miller Trucking, Horizon Motorsports, Zoom Motorsports, Unitech Racing, Accufab Racing, SpeedSource, Helipower Racing, Lessman Racing, Vrbancic Brothers Racing Engines, Xtreme Race Cars, CV Performance (Australia), CB Motorsports, Vinny Ten Racing, Duttweiler Performance, GPE Performance, Al Anabi QATAR Team (Qatar), All German Motorsports, Performance Motorsports, VJ Motorsports, Redbull Energy Promotions, and several OEM Manufacturers. Even ”The Governator” himself—Arnold Schwarzenegger—has benefited from the creativity, experience, and attention to detail of one of North America’s top EFI Tuners.

Innovative Techniques in Motion

Rod Tschiggfrie, also known as XRod of XCELEROD, is a racing trail blazer. Whether boats, cars, hot rods or otherwise, if it has a motor, XRod will go the distance to make sure it goes the distance—just really, really fast.
XROD and Team