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This FLEX FUEL MUSCLE CAR is street ready with DOT tires, mufflers, and headlights. SorceressTM features creature comforts such as a stereo and power windows, but she’s oh so much more. The original ’84 Hurst/Olds body—the designer’s first car—was used as a mule. Cutting the body into pieces, parts were mutilated, massaged, and re purposed for a whole new design that is friendly for doing 300 mph and above—using everyday street fuel—making her the first flex-fuel vehicle of her kind. Really.

Sorcerer, a 40' Skater, is powered by thunderous blown motors producing almost 2000 hp apiece. Featured several times in Hot Boat magazine, who described the Sorcerer as "a virtual work of art, from the gorgeous mural to its neck-snapping engines," it was the first major project produced by XCELEROD. In addition to its one-of-a-kind paint job, it serves as a test bed for a pair of prototype 2000-hp, computer-controlled, closed cool motors built by XCELEROD.

Let's just say this one gets bigger and better...



One-Off, Handmade Street Vehicle Capable of 300+ MPH

  • Multi flex-fuel vehicle using regular, regular unleaded, and E85, or a blend of any of these fuels
  • Expected 2600-3200 Horse Power
  • Carbon Fiber Body design by Mike Spitzer / Spitzer Enterprises and Rod Tschiggfrie (XRod) / XCELEROD
  • Chassis is all Chrome Moly NHRA 25.2 Certification
  • Engine development by Fred Mandoline (famed funny car world champion) / Mandlini Performance
  • Smart engine management system developed by Motec—Australia with electronics and car controls handled by Shane T
  • Builder Don Speer / Chassis Concepts
  • Twin turbo engine; V-8 configuration
  • Traction control torque converter
  • Displaces 640 cubic inches
  • Thirty-two fuel injectors




The Sorcerer was built for research, development, and validation of one of the largest motors ever produced for a powerboat, the 2000e.

  • 2000e – distributor-less engine with eight A-coils
  • Based on a 598-cubic-inch Merlin block with custom-ported and polished Big Chief cylinder heads
  • Bore and stroke are 4.5″ X 4.56″
  • A highly guarded engine compression ratio relative to the 25 pounds of boost produced by its screw-type blower at peak operating range
  • Intercooler that is significantly larger than other intercoolers on the market
  • Managed by an electronic control module with 16 sequential Bosch injectors, eight 50-pound injectors below the supercharger, and eight 160-pound injector above it
  • Via sensors throughout the engine, which runs on 114-octane fuel, the ECU measures air density, manifold pressure throttle position, air/fuel ratio, water temperature and more, approximately 33,000 per second
  • Computer adjusts engine operations such as fuel delivery, often per cylinder, on the fly