Draws a lot of attention from other boaters. Why? Where do we start?

Perhaps it’s the custom paint job that undeniably makes it a wizard even before the Sorcerer hits the waves. Maybe it’s the 2000e distributor-less engine. But it’s probably the Sorcerer’s domination in the water that makes this gem sparkle.¬†

Due to its custom hardware (including see-through valve covers) and the boat’s flawless custom nature of all the parts, there’s a lot to take in:

  • 2000e – distributor-less engine with eight A-coils
  • Based on a 598-cubic-inch Merlin block with custom-ported and polished Big Chief cylinder heads
  • Bore and stroke are 4.5″ X 4.56″
  • A highly guarded engine compression ratio relative to the 25 pounds of boost produced by its screw-type blower at peak operating range
  • Intercooler that is¬†significantly larger than other intercoolers on the market
  • Managed by an electronic control module with 16 sequential Bosch injectors, eight 50-pound injectors below the supercharger, and eight 160-pound injector above it
  • Via sensors throughout the engine, which runs on 114-octane fuel, the ECU measures air density, manifold pressure throttle position, air/fuel ratio, water temperature and more, approximately 33,000 per second
  • Computer adjusts engine operations such as fuel delivery, often per cylinder, on the fly