Street ready with DOT tires, mufflers, and headlights, this sleek little lady features creature comforts such as a stereo and power windows, but she’s oh so much more.

The original ’84 Hurst/Olds body—the designer’s first car—was used as a mule. Cutting the body into pieces, parts were mutilated, massaged, and repurposed for a whole new design that is friendly for doing 300 mph and above—using everyday street fuel—making her the first flex-fuel vehicle of her kind. Really.

Covered in a carbon-fiber shell, the magic happens not only on the street but under the hood. And she’s smart, this one: capable of learning. She’s licensed in the state of Iowa as the SORSRES.

The spawn of speed boat THE SORCERER created in 2000, also by XRod,

SORCERESS is equally as magical. Both are sleek, unique, and built for speed.